Letter: Keep cats in at night lest coyotes catch them

Jul 19, 2017

Throughout the summer, I have had numerous sightings of coyotes – in Japanese Gulch, Big Gulch, and running along State Route 526 toward the grassy area of Paine Field.

Just about two weeks ago, I was startled by a coyote on the 44th Avenue walking trail. Since then, I've been vigilant about keeping our cats inside at all hours.

On Thursday, July 13, I lost my cat, Jack, to a coyote. Unfortunately, on that evening, Jack shot out of the house. We could not catch him nor find him that night. The next morning, I found his remains on the little hill across the street from our house.

I'm hoping to let people know to be vigilant about keeping their animals in at night. Mine is not the first cat that has gone “missing” in the area. Many people have posted missing cat signs in the area, and there have been postings on lost-animal pages on Facebook.

Many people would never think that coyotes would come into a populated area. And the more coyotes that come into an area, the more aggressive they may become.


Diana Graham
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