Letter: Khan’s 2016 statement justifies Zieve’s concern

Apr 19, 2017

Mr. Zieve’s right to be concerned of a mosque locating in Mukilteo can be justified by Mr. Mohammed Riaz Khan’s own answer to Mr. Zieve’s letter [mailing], as published on the front page of The [Everett] Herald dated April 16, 2016, to whit:

“We urge major aerospace companies including Boeing Co., and General Electric to realize that the safety of their own employees’ families and children is put at risk by Peter Zieve’s public promotion of anti-Muslim bias…”

I believe these comments by Mr. Riaz Khan [Islamic Center of Mukilteo] more than explain why Mr. Zieve’s letter [mailing] was wrote and I think all of us need to aware of what can happen when Mr. Riaz Khan tells us we should be concerned of our security when questioning the Muslim faith.

Who do we need to be afraid of, Mr. Riaz Khan?


Dale Fischer
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