Letter: Kindness matters

The frequency and severity of horrific events and tragedies in our world seem to be increasing as of late. The tone of the political rhetoric and finger pointing for these events only seem to divide our society, increasing the hate and discontent for anyone that is allegedly on the other side of a particular issue. As a country, as a society, and as a community, I know we are capable of doing good things and being kind to one another.

I have the privilege of being in a position to see our community in its various states of being. The 36 members of the Mukilteo Police Department have daily interactions with community members in times of stress and crisis. Even during these difficult times, they are able to communicate and interact professionally, with kindness.

When I heard the Mukilteo Elementary School PTSA was doing a Kindness Challenge as a fundraiser I asked, “How can the police department be a part of this?” This creative fundraiser challenges and encourages children to perform random acts of kindness.

What better way is there to spark the growth of a kindness movement than through our children? I would ask all of our community leaders to also set the example by going out of their way to perform a random act of kindness.

In time, this small “kindness” spark stemming from a group of local children can become so viral that kindness becomes the norm and expectation for how we all treat one another in our community.

Let’s all challenge each other to start our acts of kindness to make a positive change in our community. Remember, kindness matters.


Cheol Kang,

Chief, Mukilteo Police Department