Letter: Kneller to seek seat on City Council

Apr 19, 2017
Sarah Kneller

Elected officials are only successful if their communities are thriving. I want to enable our future to thrive as a member of your Mukilteo City Council, Position 3.

I have several goals for our community, but my primary objective is to listen, be honest and have open communication with each of you.

I’m told my perspective is unique. I am experienced enough to realize how far I have come, how many valuable lessons I have been a part of and the privilege I have had professionally. I also realize how far I can still go, and the only way to ever be successful is to elevate those around you so that we share the beneficial experience together.

I look to pool resources and work together in a collaborative effort to reach new approaches that will provide a sustainable outcome. This means that I will be highly accessible to everyone, whether it be by Facebook: @Kneller4Council, email: Kneller4Council@gmail.com, or phone. I don’t accept communication gaps in a world where it is so easy to connect with somebody, and when you reach out to me, I will answer.

I excel at creative problem solving and collaboration to create solutions, and refuse to accept “that’s the way we’ve always done it” as an answer when exploring opportunities for improvement.

Our community is faced with complicated drug issues, theft, and the end result is public safety unrest. My car was broken into parked outside our home in the middle of the night, no more than 20 feet from where my three-year-old daughter slept.

We have a real problem with drug use, addiction and mental health in our community. To ignore this is a disservice to all those who have struggled and continue struggling with these diseases. We need to come together and de-stigmatize the disease of addiction and struggles with mental health.

As a volunteer with the Everett Gospel Mission, I have had the opportunity to work with the women’s and children's shelter on reading and literacy, and coach financial independence through the “Financial Ally” program. I am also treasurer for the nonprofit Treasured901, providing for foster children in need.

Working firsthand with the families that were scarred by domestic violence, declining mental health and addiction I have learned that it isn’t removed from our own neighborhoods.

Get to know me more: facebook.com/Kneller4Council.


Sarah Kneller
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