Letter: Kneller’s leadership on display with broadcast union

Sep 27, 2017

I would like to give some perspective on the tenure of Sarah Kneller as our IATSE Local 793’s union secretary-treasurer.

IATSE 793 is the working union for the men and women who work in the Pacific Northwest Live Television Broadcasts. We predominantly serve the live sports broadcasts, including the Seattle Mariners; however, our reach extends into corporate as well as the entertainment broadcast field.

Sarah was elected during my second term as the business agent of the union. Many of us pushed hard to get her into the position. We knew that Sarah was not only massively organized, but she was going to contribute to the betterment of our entire organization.

Sarah is a rock. We knew whenever we needed her that she would not only show up, but she would always bring her best and contribute in an organization that needs strong leadership.

Our decisions govern hundreds of people’s livelihoods, and we must sometimes make decisions that are not always popular; however, they are decisions that help those who need help and assure the others that we are looking out for their best interest, as well.

As a political candidate, what the people of Mukilteo should know about Sarah, based on the leadership experience we had with her at IATSE and my more than 10 years working with her in the TV broadcast industry, is she will be relentless, persistent, and driven – all the while having a compassion for everyone by taking the politics out and using her experience as a wife, mother and union leader to do what is right.

Given the gravity of the current political climate, we need people in office who do things differently with a foundation and respect of the past, all the while looking to the future. This person is Sarah Kneller.


Todd R. Gordon
Past Business Agent, IATSE Local 793
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