Letter: Latest mosque news startling

Feb 01, 2017

Editor’s note: Mohammed Khan has clarified that the roughly 10,000 Muslims he expects will become citizens by 2019 cover a greater area than Mukilteo, including surrounding cities such as Lynnwood, Edmonds and Mill Creek (“Bringing Christians, Muslims together,” Nicholas Johnson, Jan. 25).


Evidently, the proposed Islamic Center of Mukilteo is one piece of a much bigger plan for a Muslim presence here in Mukilteo, spearheaded by Mr. Khan and the anonymous ICOM group.

According to Mr. Khan’s statements, he is party to a planned placement of 10,000 new green card Muslim immigrants who will locate around Mukilteo within the next two years. He says that a mosque with a true Imam must be ready for them sooner, not later.

If this happens, small town Mukilteo, population 21,000, will be dominated by the cultural and economic effect of 10,000 Muslim immigrants, now exiting from orthodox Muslim countries.

If it is true that a settlement of this magnitude is planned for Mukilteo, it is not happening without the authority and coordination of federal, state and local government. How is Mr. Khan privy to this information and involved in this settlement? County Executive Dave Somers and our Mayor Jennifer Gregerson need to speak up publicly and tell us.

The Beacon should step up with some meaningful journalism, too. Great concern exists in the community and county about the Islamic identity, ideology, funding and legal expectations of this Islamic Center, yet the Beacon – like Mr. Khan – has ignored this important inquiry for the last year and a half. Perhaps the impact of 10,000 new Muslim immigrants is cause enough to redirect attention to these deep questions about the ICOM and off of Mr. Khan’s publicity seeking diversions the Beacon has lately been reporting. That’s a request.

Until next week, withholding judgment is prudent – withholding information is not.


Patricia Morrison
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