Letter: Letter about me full of fake news

Jun 28, 2017

Unpacking the letter from Liza Patchen-Short, starting with my wife, we continue to enjoy life together, and I suggest you listen to the 911 call referred to (“Zieve’s record doesn’t reflect family values,” June 21).

She now understands that a 911 call is not a solution to a domestic disagreement on how to raise children.

We move from there to my sister who told my son that the two people in the world that she despises are my father and me. I am so appreciative of my wonderful father, a model dad.

I just called my best Mukilteo friend, Sisay Desalgyn, (from Ethiopia) to inquire if in the times we spent together if I ever proposed exterminating him. He said he couldn’t recall that. He is hoping to discuss this with the newspaper.

The comment about the disabled is another lie. The fake news also permeates the Attorney General’s office. I was fined for giving wedding presents to my employees. Supposedly this offended some others.

In the state of Washington, if you talk against the narrative, you will be lied about and shouted down.

I don’t know Liza Patchen-Short, but she is perfectly free to vote for Bob Champion. Mr. Champion is doing a good job and will continue to do so.

I have some additional experience that I suggest will assist the city. Let the voters decide based upon real news, not fake news.


Peter Zieve
City Council Candidate, Position 2
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