Letter: Letter defending liberty not meant to offend

May 03, 2017

I thank the Mukilteo Beacon for their courage in publishing all sides of an issue. I also acknowledge the courage of Jafar Siddiqui for his “serious exception to [my] seemingly objective letter.”

However, Mr. Siddiqui’s claim that I was “spreading my own biases” and “hiding behind ‘security’” are unfounded (“Zieve’s views a greater threat than ISIS,” April 26).

We are all burdened by and with bias. Yet, the only bias expressed in my recent letter (“Zieve a victim of political correctness police,” April 5) was to advocate for liberty – the liberty to operate a business and speak one’s mind, within the constraints of the law, unfettered by political correctness, as is seemingly – to me – the case with Mr. Zieve.

It is why I began my letter with a question – “Is Peter Zieve illegal or merely politically incorrect?” I did not write to accuse or to label or to judge or to offend anyone. If I have done so, I offer my sincere apologies.

I did not disparage Muslims – or Jews or Christians or blacks or Hispanics, or any other minority – nor would I. Mr. Siddiqui’s implication that I discount Muslim contributions to our country and question their work ethic is assumptive. And, it contradicts that which I welcome and applaud: people of all faiths working together in unity.

There is no contempt or disdain in my letter, or in my heart. Yet, I perceive a vehemence in Mr. Siddiqui’s words, which label my views as “despicable.”

I choose to overlook this judgment of me. And, I trust the faithful Muslims worshipping in mosques, whether in Mukilteo or Medina, will exemplify more love and grace than some who portend to represent them.


Rick Foltz
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