Letter: Markey is most qualified, least politically correct

Sep 20, 2017

I have had conversations with Tony about why he is in the running for a council position. It seems he and his wife decided that they wanted to do something for our community, and what better way to contribute to the city than to run for – and hopefully win – a position on our City Council.

His kids go to Mukilteo Schools and he has lived here for a couple of dozen years, so he and his wife want Mukilteo to continue to be a great place to live and raise kids.

He is forthright in answering questions, even when I was not in agreement with his answers. That is refreshing in politics. I sense that he will bring more transparency to the council.

He will also bring expertise in budgeting and consensus building; he’s currently responsible for managing a staff of 55 people that facilitate care for several physicians. In that role, he is also responsible for the budget for the group – budget design, implementation and reporting.

He is aware that Mukilteo has many complex issues currently, not the least of which are the ferries and our parking issues – Tony feels the state Department of Transportation has absolved itself of any responsibility for our parking problems.

Public safety is of primary importance, and Tony believes that our firefighters and police officers deserve to be fully funded.

I could go on and on. If you want to read more about him – and there is much more – go to his website at www.Markey.us. For me, the decision was easy. He didn’t skirt the issues when I asked hard questions. He has substantial qualifications – budget design and implementation. I get the sense that he is sincerely interested in Mukilteo’s future.

His opponent is qualified, but I do not believe she is the most qualified candidate. Her late arrival to the candidates’ forum was disconcerting. Emergencies are one thing, traffic quite another, particularly when you are aware that this is the first time a whole group of Mukilteo voters will hear you – and the room was packed. Planning for traffic issues ahead of time would have been appreciated.

So, free BBQ and pizza aside – momma said there are no free lunches – my vote goes to Tony Markey, the most qualified and least politically correct candidate in the race.


Elaine Knapp
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