Letter: Markey to seek seat on City Council

Apr 19, 2017
Tony Markey

I am excited to announce my candidacy for Mukilteo City Council Position 3.

I've lived in the Puget Sound area for 25 years, but when it came time to choose the city in which to raise our family, we chose Mukilteo. The community we call home has interesting challenges ahead.

As a member of the city's Long-Range Financial Planning Committee, I saw firsthand the magnitude of these problems. We've ignored our roads, tend to hire consultants to fix our problems and don't always follow through on our promises. We make large commitments to new projects without proper planning. If you've gone to City Council meetings, you've probably witnessed this patchwork approach that has council members funding pet projects while simultaneously proposing tax increases.

Like many of you, I own a home in Mukilteo. My kids attend school at Harbour Pointe and Kamiak. I'm concerned not only with property values and the valuable services we get for our tax dollars, but also in public safety and the sense of community we foster in Mukilteo.

I'd also like to think I'd be an excellent addition to the council. Currently, in my work at a hospital, I oversee a budget and manage employees. I've worked with our school district on their budget committee, and I’ve served as president of my homeowners association in Mukilteo near Big Gulch, and previously in south Everett. I've also been a Rotarian, served on the Chamber of Commerce board, and proudly served in the Army National Guard.

My history is one of working with friends and neighbors to make our community better.

I hope to see you soon: perhaps at the Farmers Market, running along Harbor Point Boulevard, or as we support our children at choir, track or soccer events.

I hope you'll consider voting for me as we face Mukilteo's challenges and opportunities together.


Tony Markey
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Posted by: L LeBray | May 02, 2017 23:12

Many great candidates up for the counsel election, including you.  As a long time resident of Mukilteo, I too wanted to and did settle in Mukilteo.  Even so, I have great concern about the many known unpermitted dumps...from the Military and Boeing, downgradient and around Painefield, that have been addressed in prior reports I have read. And as a child who grew up in the military, lived on some of the world's most toxic sites, are evident in the area.  I contacted the Army Corp of Engineers, two years ago...wanting a meeting to point these out and request investigation.  Never a response.  I contacted them again the last week, still no response.  I have contacted the Snohomish County health district...don't know who's side they are on.  It's as if no one wants to address it.  The future site of the ICOM is an evident military dump, and I don't believe this ground, one of the last undeveloped properties, should be disturbed.  It's evident from the 20-ft rusting tank, and two concrete blocks...(where the trucks would drive in to dispose chemicals...it's evident from the circular cleared areas (unlined dumps)...just as the lot across the street that has a for sale sign...next to Extended stay...that mound is full of debri, and has what appears to be venting pipes, and rock lined dry well disposal areas.  I want the Army corp. to test these areas.  Paine field is a closed DOD site.  I contacted Lenny Siegel two years ago...who sent me a report to congress...the yearly report.  to date, ZERO dollars spent on cleanup of a closed DOD facility and many unpermitted military dumps.  These chemicals, disposed of by the military and aerospace, cause chemical vapor intrusion into homes....and cause liver, brain cancer and many other illnesses.  Time to wake up Mukilteo, and address the contamination in our beautiful city.

Posted by: L LeBray | May 02, 2017 23:15

I want a counsel member who has a clue and will take these issues on, and demand cleanup....of these areas that are affecting our waterways, residences, and residents health.  There is a huge TCE/TCA VOC plume, downgradient of Boeing that has been kept under wraps for years.  Residents have a right to know.  Will it affect property values?  Yes.   But, it's not as important as human health.

Posted by: L LeBray | May 02, 2017 23:19



Why is this kept under wraps?  TCE/TCA childhood leukemia, brain cancer, liver cancer.... remember Civil action?  How many other undisclosed dumps are there?  It causes vapor intrusion into buildings and structures...

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