Letter: Matthews a proven leader

Oct 11, 2017

Exciting news Mukilteo! We have the opportunity to elect a new mayor.  A new mayor with fresh perspective, common sense and know-how, who wants to make our city successful and prosperous again, a place we want to live and are proud to call home.

Dan Matthews is a highly-decorated retired Lt. Colonel in the USAF, who served as a pilot in Vietnam and during Operation Desert Storm.

He has flown humanitarian airlifts worldwide as well as donating countless hours of community service in areas of youth mentoring, education issues, nature conservancy, domestic violence services and to veterans’ organizations.

This dedication to community issues that affect all of us demonstrates he has what it takes to serve as Mukilteo’s future mayor.

The current mayor gets a lot of photo-ops and lip service praise. Dan Matthews comes with a background of professional, experienced leadership.  His knowledge and commitment, not to mention his honesty, competence, and integrity, will help steer Mukilteo’s future in the RIGHT direction.

Please make the right choice for Mukilteo this November, and vote Dan Matthews.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to restore Mukilteo’s Excellence.


Don Ripley


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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Oct 11, 2017 23:26

Don: Dan Matthews has, "honesty, competence, and integrity"?

Team Jenn Member: Really?  How much "honesty, competence, and integrity" does it take to run to the State Public Disclosure Commission and go out viciously to wreck a public servant's reputation in the newspaper based on hearsay?  HEARSAY?

A successful Public Disclosure Commission conviction comes with financial sanctions, personal repercussions and possibly a State Attorney General Office's prosecution.  Ask your idol Tim Eyman.  Eyman right now could lose his house.

Then there's the whole calling Mayor Jennifer Gregerson "corrupt" without sufficient evidence to kick off his campaign.  Corruption is a felony, a Class C felony under Chapter 9A.68 RCW.

How about we say dishonest, incompetence and dishonor instead?  Dan Matthews has thrown away his prior service record in the name of power before principle.

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