Letter: Matthews’ aerospace expertise would benefit city

Sep 27, 2017

I read with interest the recent letter from Mukilteo resident Ann Brice about Dan Matthews’ perceptive and reasonable suggestions for the proposed Peace Park (“Letter: Matthews shows leadership, vision on Peace Park,” Sept. 20).

I am not surprised. Dan and Jan have been my neighbors for nearly 20 years. They have always been very friendly, considerate and helpful, and are the ones I go to whenever I need advice. Dan’s one of the busiest people I know, yet he’s the one who shovels my sidewalk when it snows, without telling me, or my ever having asked him to.

But I’m really writing because I think it’s time someone comment on Dan’s intelligence and abilities, particularly his competence regarding a hot topic here in Mukilteo.

I worked for my daughter and son-in-law’s small aerospace firm at Paine Field and know something about this industry. Dan’s considerable background and credentials in the aviation field are almost unequalled in our area.

He is currently a technical consultant to Boeing, as well as a retired airline pilot and former U.S. Air Force command pilot. But he is no pushover or automatic vote when it comes to the coming passenger terminal at Paine Field. We all know this is a done deal and that the need now is to become positively engaged with the airlines and Propeller Airports to best represent Mukilteo’s interests in this issue.

Dan Matthews knows this field professionally, and his expertise and voice would be of incredible benefit to our city. Space here limits my going into detail, but I’m thrilled that such a highly qualified person is stepping forward at a time like this to represent our city. I’m voting for Dan Matthews without reservation.


Mary Marinaccio
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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Sep 27, 2017 13:59

I could work with a Mayor Dan Matthews to get that bus stop for Mukilteo... if not for the unacceptable personal attacks on incumbent Mayor Jennifer Gregerson.

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