Letter: Matthews shows leadership, vision on Peace Park

Sep 20, 2017

I was encouraged to hear Mukilteo mayoral candidate Dan Matthews speak directly to the issue of the Peace Park proposal at the Sept. 5 City Council meeting.

Mr. Matthews is obviously supportive of the idea of a fitting remembrance to the three teens who died tragically one year ago. His suggestion that this idea should be presented to the students at Kamiak to allow their input and engagement was especially appropriate and reasonable.

A site near, or even on, Kamiak property would be more central, more accessible and visible to students, much safer, have more suitable parking and less traffic, is more serene and much more likely to be used by youth. In addition, his observations regarding the Byer’s Park site demonstrated that this proposal needs further public input.

The escalation of costs – eventually to go well over $100,000 – attests to the direction Mr. Matthews advised: that the proposed Peace Park would be enhanced if such private, community resources as money, design, participation and labor were encouraged, rather than directing scarce public resources to this project.

Right now, government owns this project and there is little public engagement by the people of Mukilteo. As he said, the example Freedom Park at Camano Island, spearheaded by private contributions and effort, provides an excellent example to emulate.

I appreciate Mr. Matthews’ obvious leadership and vision – it was a timely breath of fresh air and balance.


Ann Brice
Mukilteo, Peace Park Committee member
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