Letter: More to Kneller than meets the eye

Jun 28, 2017

Take a good look at this young, talented, accomplished woman. She has a genuine passion for serving your community, our community. Dedicated, ethical, honest and informative; she will give you all the facts.

Sarah Kneller has a tremendous amount of financial experience, and she understands the importance of a balanced, responsible budget while still fighting for what we need and want. She is, by and large, not in favor of raising our taxes, and has already gone through Mukilteo’s budget and identified areas in need of improvement. She knows what needs to be improved, because she’s already working on it.

If you want a team player and an excellent collaborator working for you, Sarah is your candidate. Don't settle for anything less; we need to elect Sarah Kneller for Position 3, so she can fight for a balanced, responsible budget.

This August, when you vote for Position 3, vote to elect Sarah Kneller.


Cherie Post
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