Letter: Mukilteo for All, except Zieve?

Nov 15, 2017

How many political action committees (PAC) have ever been formed to stop a Mukilteo Council candidate? One—Oct. 10, 2017. The PAC was formed by Glen Pickus and a few other Mukilteo residents, naming it Mukilteo For All. Its purpose-to oppose Peter Zieve from being elected to council instead of incumbent Bob Champion.

Press reports incorrectly said Zieve spent $50,000 on his campaign. Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) reports show Zieve spent $29,537. The PAC shows it spent $24,653 in about one week, almost as much as Zieve spent during his six-month campaign.

Most who contribute to campaigns contribute to the candidate they want to win. They do not form a PAC so a few can contribute unlimited funds against a candidate. Unlike Zieve, who paid for his campaign expenses, the PAC’s most recent report shows it owes $19,447. The election is over.

PAC expenditures were to four Seattle advertising, video and public relations firms. The PAC Treasurer has a Seattle address. How does a Mukilteo PAC find four Seattle firms to go into action for its cause four weeks before the election and provide $24,000 services without a solid commitment that someone would pay them? Who knew these Seattle firms and could convince them to do it on very short notice without guaranteed payment? Is there an unnamed person who has ties and arrangements that are not disclosed?  Will the Seattle firms now contribute their unpaid services to the PAC? Much more than the $1,000 total individual contribution anyone is permitted to give to a candidate.

The PAC did receive cash contributions. Two of the top contributors were City employees reporting directly to Mayor Gregerson—her assistant and the City’s policy analyst. The PAC’s objective was achieved. Incumbent Bob Champion was reelected.

If Zieve is so repulsive to PAC contributors do they also want him to move his company and 600 well-paid employees to another city? Do they want Zieve to take back his $200,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Club building project? Zieve said he would not take any salary if elected and contribute it to charity, Public service for no charge. If PAC contributors do not want Zieve to bring more business and financial experience to the council than any of our current elected officials, why?

They call the PAC Mukilteo For All. For everyone but Zieve?


Charlie Pancerzewski

Twice Former Councilmember


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