Letter: Neither Zieve nor Khan deserve to hold office

Jul 12, 2017

I do not know Peter Zieve personally. However, reading his letters, candidate comments, articles and generally reported shenanigans, as well as watching him position and re-position himself, I've come to the conclusion that he is rich, uninformed, inarticulate and engaging in buffoonery.

Remind you of anyone holding public office these days?

Bob Champion has been serving Mukilteo with intelligence and sensitivity, and I strongly suggest we keep him on the council.

Secondly, why does Mr. Riaz Kahn seem so desperate to hold public office? This is the third time he has run to win a seat. He seems to want to gain visibility and a government seat, anywhere. I believe it is to position himself in a public office to push his religious agenda.

Neither of these guys deserves to serve in city government or represent Mukilteo. That would be a no for both in the August primary.


Paula Sullivan
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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Jul 14, 2017 22:33

Personally am glad that you are not running for office.  Tired of people like you and Kahn, down talking the president, our president of the US.  Yes, he is wealthy...but President Trump is also very intelligent, intuitive, and a forward thinker, looking out for the best interest of the US and the American citizens, and has done more positive in six months, than any other president, that the corrupt media will not report on.  And President Trump has passion...he is doing the job for no pay...and he can't be bribed, like other past Presidents and government officials.  And I am tired of too many Boeing personnel on our council.  Zieve is in Aerospace, independent owner, and has done quite well...but he is not a Boeing Corporate guy.   Boeing is one of the major polluters, get the most breaks and tax breaks in Washington state.  If Bob Champion is so in tune, how come he isn't aware of, nor brought up the landfill site that is up for sale next to the Extended Stay, and the last lots for sale, class III and IV wetlands that appear to be military or Boeing toxic dumps?  It's a total dump landfill....there used to be signs above that vents saying "gas".....check it out for yourself.  Champion is on the side of Boeing....and Boeing has done a disservice to this community...with their toxic dumps...


I have spoken with Zieve once....don't know him personally.  But I believe he has passion and can't be bought by big industry.  Champion...not so impressed.


Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Jul 14, 2017 22:39

As a layperson, I did recognize these last undeveloped lots. areas next to the Extended Stay, and the Mukilteo Council building, as military dumps/landfills.  I reported them to the Washington State Department of ecology and have a case number.  Why has the county and city officials ignored these areas?   They love selling these things off, because it means tax dollars and revenue.  No Bob Champion for me.  He has NOT been looking out for the environment and safety of Mukilteo, nor our children's future...and children are our future.  One of the most beautiful spots on earth...and abused....more than this little corner, city can take.  Time to clean it up!

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