Letter: No to new form of government

Mar 27, 2019

No to new form of government


Editor’s Note: We reached out to Mr. Pickus, who is mentioned in the following letter, for a response, but Mr. Pickus did not wish to respond. He did, however, want to note that the Transportation Benefit District (TBD) was approved by a majority of Mukilteo voters, which raised sales tax 0.1 percent for various road improvements in the city. Additionally, the TBD was not eliminated, but its powers were assumed by the Mukilteo City Council in December 2017. The case Mr. Zieve mentions below is currently active in Thurston County Superior Court, and The Beacon has put in a public records request to see the court records.


A letter March 6, 2019, by Glen Pickus advocates a high paid city position, potentially filled by himself.

Back on April 25, 2017, Mr. Pickus wrote two emails excoriating the City Council for reluctance to raise taxes and fully fund the Transportation Benefit District (TBD).

The emails are entitled “Being Bold and Courageous.”

Happily, the council eliminated the TBD by vote on Dec. 4, 2017 with considerable savings to the Mukilteo taxpayer.

Then Mr. Pickus organized a hate group against me called “Mukilteo For All.” He bragged about it in a Beacon interview Nov. 15, 2017. This action is now getting him attention in the Thurston County Superior Court with case number 18-2-00632-34.

The Plaintiff is Mukilteo For All (a political committee) and Glen Pickus (chair).

In addition to sending out a postcard, Mr. Pickus organized two marches with hate signs starting from the library.

In one of those marches, Mr. Donald Fossedal, a longtime Mukilteo resident, observed the march and tried to get in the line.

Mr. Pickus came aggressively at him and tried to intimidate him away from the march by pressing in extremely close to his face.

In summary, I prefer to keep the government the way it is. There is at least the possibility every four years that we vote out the self-serving elite.

If we create a permanent position we could be stuck with one of them forever.

All documents referenced are available for examination.


Peter Zieve


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