Letter: Parking garage on Mukilteo coastline

Nov 01, 2017

I would describe myself as a passive participant in local politics and do not often publicly weigh in on community issues.

I did not comment when the city wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight a much-needed regional airport.  I have shaken my head at the city’s constant plea of poverty as they waste money on shoddily paved streets, a poorly planned and ugly vegetation island that runs down the center of speedway, or even that ridiculous and impractical grass roof on city hall.

I can be silent no longer!

Now the prevailing winds seem to be pointing to the city pushing to build the new parking garage on the coastline on the Everett side of the new ferry terminal location.

I wasn’t particularly psyched to have the new ferry terminal built directly in front of my home, but at least one can argue it is making the waterfront more interesting than a rusting tank farm.   But a parking garage?

If a parking garage rises to the list of best alternatives, what were the other options?

A prison?  A sewage treatment plant? How about a dairy farm?   Our leadership continues to demonstrate they have NO vision or they hide what is clearly a personal agenda under the cliché “what is best for our community.”

A parking garage on the coastline is not in the best interest of our community. Who does this garage serve?

I have heard the weakest of arguments that this location would serve the very few local businesses or local Mukilteo residents visiting Light House Park. Even if these were legitimate reasons, the location of the garage would not make sense.  The real beneficiaries are residents of Whidbey Island.

If people of Whidbey need parking then they should sell their Birkenstocks, WoodStock souvenirs, or that 2003 Subaru and pay for a garage on their own island.

However, Whidbey Islanders are more than happy to have their needs supported at the expense of the citizens of Mukilteo.

A word of warning this election season; your “so called” representatives have an agenda.

There is a reason why political party affiliation is not clear when you are voting.  They don’t want you to know.  They hide behind warm and fuzzy campaign slogans about love for community and next thing you know you are next to a pot shop or a parking garage.

Wake up…I am!

P.S.  Hey Islanders, time to scrape off the remnants of that “Vote Dukakis” bumper sticker off the old Corolla.


Steve Nickerson


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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Nov 01, 2017 12:21

Steve, I'm with you.  Island Transit provides FREE transit all over Whidbey Island AND, AND it's FREE to walk onto the ferry at Clinton to come to Mukilteo.  Just another Island County Commish Helen Price-Johnson attempt to send somebody else the bill for South & Central Whidbey Environmentalism-In-Name-Only.

You may copy-paste this comment as an appendix of support to any comments you send on this subject.

Posted by: Connie Chapman | Nov 04, 2017 12:13

The proposal to build a parking garage on the Mukilteo waterfront is not about catering to the needs of Whidbey Island residents.  More parking is desperately needed by those living on the Mukilteo side.  Currently, parking at the waterfront is extremely limited.  There is paid parking at Lighthouse Park, and a limited amount of on-street parking, both with a 4 hour limit. The commuter parking lot for the Sounder Train is woefully inadequate for the increasing ridership. The lot is usually maxed out before the last of 4 trains arrives at Mukilteo in the morning. The surrounding on-street parking has a 4 hour limit, which doesn't work for commuters like myself who are not eligible for the Mukilteo parking permit.  As a person who lives 5 minutes down Mukilteo Boulevard across the Mukilteo/Everett city line, I have been living with this frustrating situation for several years.  On most days, I don't even bother trying to park in the much closer Mukilteo Sounder lot and drive to the Everett station.  Aside from my personal parking woes, I often wonder where other people on the Mukilteo side park, such as employees of the waterfront businesses and Mukilteo residents who would like to take the bus to Seattle (or anywhere) from the ferry terminal.

I believe that including a parking garage in the waterfront/transit development project is a smart and forward-lookiing attempt to alleviate a currently unsustainable parking situation.


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