Letter: Police owe us neither apology nor explanation

Apr 05, 2017

Good grief – chastising the police department (“City kept residents in the dark amid SWAT standoff,” March 29) because they didn't advertise what they were doing during the SWAT standoff?

Did it ever occur to the reader complaining that maybe, just maybe, the police officers had more important things to do? I don't think the city made an error at all. I don't feel that they owe you an apology.

And “trapped” seems a bit dramatic. Do they think they have time during such an incident to escort you home? Talk about I-me-my syndrome.

And, here's a newsflash: you don't get to “make choices on what to do next.” Your choices are to do what the officers direct you to do. I have no idea why you could not figure out the “seriousness of the situation.” When you see a SWAT team in action, isn't it obvious?

We had a similar incident on my street a while back. I have never seen such professionalism. Did I expect the officers to give me a blow-by-blow of the incident? No. They have privacy issues to consider, to say nothing of the fact that there is danger in a situation and they have to take command.

I hope that if I ever need the SWAT team, that my neighbors will stay calm and have only the expectation that Mukilteo's finest will keep us all safe.

Most of my neighbors are savvy enough and have enough respect for our police department to back off and let them do their jobs.


Elaine Knapp
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