Letter: Protect rule of law, not illegal, felonious immigrants

Feb 15, 2017

In response to Paul Pickell’s letter to the editor (“Let’s make Mukilteo a sanctuary city,” Feb. 8) and his two-wrongs-make-a-right reasoning: Mukilteo should not be a sanctuary city for anyone who is here illegally – illegal entry or overstayed visa – and has committed a felony.

In spite of how some like to frame the argument, most reasonable people understand that there will never be a round-up of peaceful, law-abiding illegal immigrants. That, of course, is based on common sense, resource constraints and, yes, compassion.

We are all responsible for our current immigration problems, however, going forward logic dictates that our current lack of immigration enforcement on a local, state and national level is not fair or sustainable.

One of many needed levers toward a multi-pronged solution is to not allow felons who are here illegally to stay. What a radical idea.

We are a sovereign nation of laws and borders and we should enforce our laws, heaven forbid. Even the term sanctuary is silly.

I have an idea. Let’s make Mukilteo a sanctuary city for speeding less than 15 mph over the limit or for littering biodegradable waste or for shoplifting, which is built into a store’s margins. These are all fairly victimless crimes and I find these laws a personal inconvenience.

Mr. Pickell’s Swiss-cheese logic is straight from the handbook of self-proclaimed Native American Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the fear-mongering, name-calling, blame-America-first crowd. We all deserve better.


Steve Nickerson
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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Feb 20, 2017 22:47

Well said, than you.

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