Letter: QFC’s ClickList shopping ‘a lifesaver’ for many

Jul 19, 2017

I would like to take a moment to respond to the QFC letter from July 5 (“QFC’s ‘preferred parking’ spots open to all,” Debbie Cleland).

I do not believe the writer has recently experienced the pleasure of dragging cranky young children around the grocery store. ClickList has been a lifesaver for our family, and I commend the Mukilteo QFC for their willingness to pilot this program in our city.

I wish I could enjoy a leisurely stroll through the grocery store, but I am not in a season of life where that is always an option. I suspect there are other harried parents, professionals, shut-ins and individuals with mobility challenges in our community who appreciate the option to shop from home and efficiently pick up their groceries in front of the store.

Thank you, QFC, for your ongoing dedication to customer service in our community.


Anne Cote
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