Letter: QFC’s ‘preferred parking’ spots open to all

Jul 05, 2017

All the newly named and oh-so clearly marked “Preferred Parking” spots at the Mukilteo QFC are for all shoppers, not just preferred customers. There are six recently designated preferred parking spots, closest to the north store entrance doors – you can’t miss them: lots of signs and paint.

If you are not waiting for your grocery order to be delivered to your vehicle and are prepared to schlep your own cart around the store, reuse your bags, converse with your friends and neighbors, greet the cashier and courtesy clerk – the one your kids went to school with or who was on your youth sport team – then, please, be advised: even you, the non-preferred customers, are welcome to park in those spots, even if you are not a ClickList preferred customer.

QFC has assured me no parking-violation tickets will be issued.


Debbie Cleland
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