Letter: Reelect Gregerson as mayor

Nov 01, 2017

I am writing to express my support for Jennifer Gregerson as mayor of Mukilteo.

As our mayor, end even before her tenure as our mayor, Jennifer has acted on her vision for a livable, sustainable and safe community.

We are fortunate in Mukilteo to have proximity to large urban areas.

However, many of us live here because we appreciate our city's individual character, with a commitment to local events, green spaces, thriving children and neighborly concern for each other.

Jennifer's strong support for the Mukilteo Farmer's Market, the preservation of our hundred acre green gem, Japanese Gulch and her swift, rallying response to the tragic shooting that took place here, are examples of her leadership for the kind of community that we desire.

Jennifer has an approachable manner and a calming presence.

Her vision, experience and skill have allowed her to manage a strong, well-functioning Mukilteo.

Additionally, having talented women in key leadership roles will push us, as a community, state and nation in a more egalitarian direction, which we sorely need in this day and age.

Please join me in voting for Jennifer Gregerson as mayor of Mukilteo.


Diana Kushner


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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Nov 01, 2017 12:11

Thank you Diana for standing by my friend.

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