Letter: Religious leafleting should not target children

May 10, 2017

Don’t we tell our children not to talk to or accept things from strangers?

I observed three adult men across the street from Harbour Pointe Middle School distributing religious materials to our children. I observed these men coercing children to take the material, most blindly accepted.

Why do we tolerate this? Are we ok with any religious materials being handed out, or only certain materials? Are we really comfortable allowing our children to accept things from strangers?

If we are complacent in this regard, how do our children understand whether these are safe, grown men or someone trying to lure them away? I personally think all children should be protected from adults targeting them for religious purposes or otherwise.

I am asking anyone who knows these men and their congregation to stop this immediately, and I would ask that any adult when observing this also ask them to stop. There are other, better ways to bring religion to children with their parents’ involvement and permission.


Denise Sackner
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