Letter: Response to column

Jul 25, 2018

Response to Gregerson column


Mayor Gregerson, I recently read your letter titled “A housing conversation.”

I believe the point of your letter is noble, however, you misinform our community as to the many reasons for a lack of affordable housing.

Is it really just a supply and demand issue that is solely driving the increase in rents? This issue is far more complex!

As someone who owns multi-family residential properties in Snohomish County, I have personally experienced a near doubling of property taxes and county utilities over the last four years.

I know most of us have not experienced a two-fold increase in our household incomes over this same time period.

I, like many landlords, would prefer to keep long-term happy tenants and feel good when I can provide them a safe, affordable place to live while still making a profit.

However, bloated government that continues to thrive on waste and lack accountability is part of the problem to date.

Property owners are not UNICEF…when expenses rise, they unfortunately have to be passed along to the tenant.

Secondly, and specific to Mukilteo, zoning is a huge problem.

Zoning laws are antiquated and the City Planning Department continues to reference antiquated zoning restrictions vs. using common sense where there is opportunity for flexibility.

I know many developers that cringe at the thought of having to work with the Mukilteo Building Department.

Further, look at the Speedway. It is practically urban blight littered with dumpy and dilapidated buildings.

A strategic look by you and your team is necessary to create a real vision for this community that attracts hard working people from all economic backgrounds, is visually appealing…and one in which small businesses can thrive.

We have the tools to solve our problems. You need to provide the real leadership.

A good start would be to stop wasting our money on fighting a necessary regional airport and focus on issues like this that can really make a difference.

Create the vision and the supply will come.

Have a super day.

P.S. And for God’s sake…please weed that ridiculous roof on City Hall.


Steve Nickerson



Editor's Note:

Mayor Gregerson stated in June that the city will not be spending any more money to fight the Paine Field terminal.

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