Letter: Response to past letter

Dec 27, 2017

It's no secret I perceive attacks against Mayor Gregerson's character and integrity as requiring rebuttal.

Like Matt Hansen, I reviewed the video of Dec. 4 with the rhetorical fireworks starting at 3:23:42, and I also take issue with Hansen's comments about Mayor Gregerson's transit board membership.

First, the Community Transit board seeks out team players - not people who are just blatantly anti-transit, and probably with the current process of selecting transit board members would cost Mukilteo its seat.

It’s no secret I believe Community Transit could give more service hours to Mukilteo and Paine Field, and it’s no secret thanks to Mayor Gregerson and I working together Community Transit staff feel the heat to invest in Mukilteo.

I do also hold the view, as much as I appreciate Community Transit, it is best for Mukilteo's Tim Eyman or another initiative guru to run an initiative to make all transit boards in our state directly elected so Mukilteo is always represented on the Community Transit board for the millennium of great transit to come.

It's also blatantly obvious if we win that I will be on bended knee asking Mayor Gregerson to run for the Community Transit board.

Perhaps it's time the leadership of the Mukilteo Beacon at the least made a 2018 resolution please of some restraint in regards to the coverage of Mayor Gregerson, but that's one subscriber's opinion – biased in part as I've noticed in my years of transit advocacy a better ratio of action to words and better transit ridership when my women compatriots feel having an equal voice.

Finally, I hope we friends of Mukilteo and Paine Field together in 2018 can resolve to be less sexist, more respectful toward and supportive of Mayor Gregerson, and get Community Transit to publicly commit to serving more of Paine Field and Mukilteo.  Elected transit boards would be a nice touch, too, please.


Joe A. Kunzler

Skagit County

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Posted by: L LeBray | Dec 27, 2017 19:37

It's no secret, that Kunzer is not even a resident of Snohomish County nor the Mukilteo Community, and simply blowing his horn for his own agenda and agendas.

Perhaps its time that the leadership of the Mukilteo Beacon make some restraint against biased coverage from someone like Kunzler, who isn't even a resident of our community, and frequently featured, with what I consider bullying and attempting to squash anyone else's opinion in this community.

In fact, in this week's paper, the only opinion in "Letters to the editor" was Kunzler's.

As a member of this community, I like to hear the opinions of others in this community.  Those of us with any sense, can filter out what resonates with us, and what we consider to be truth, fact or nonsense.  We don't need someone like Kunzler, trying to shove and bully his own agenda down everyone's throat.



Posted by: L LeBray | Dec 27, 2017 19:43

Finally, I hope that Mr. Kunzer would stop playing the "sexist" card.

Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Dec 28, 2017 10:45


I'm not trying to squash opinions around here.  I have to say though I'll play any damn card that's a fair play I need to make protect Mayor Jennifer Gregerson.  If I don't get sufficiently loud, Mukilteo loses on its fair share of transit service - there's my agenda for you.

You also uh didn't do the math so I will do it for you, Trump & Zieve Apologist...  Elected transit boards and Mayor Gregerson running for Community Transit Board just might mean Mukilteo gets a new Mayor.

Also, "one subscriber's opinion".  Keep that in mind.  Maybe get some of your pals to write letters and when you do, leave my friend Mayor Gregerson out of vitriol range.



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