Letter: Responses to past letters

Nov 15, 2017

Of late the Beacon has published a number of letters that are rather myopic. Two letters published Nov. 1 are a case in point.

Steve Nickerson’s letter (Parking garage on Mukilteo coastline) contains a rant about many things governmental. He makes a number of snarky comments about how he sees the nature of Whidbey Island residents. He suggests, without detail on how or where it would work, that a garage be built on Whidbey. He alleges Mukilteo leadership has a “personal agenda” without any info on what this means. While Steve admits he does not welcome the new ferry terminal “directly in front of my home” he does allow that it will be “more interesting than a rusting tank farm.” Mr. Nickerson is seriously affected with NIMBYism (Not in my backyard). Maybe he can find relief from his NIMBYism by doing 400 hours of community service, perhaps in the housing project in north Everett. The ferry terminal and the proposed garage are both public infrastructure facilities. As such, they are there for anyone to use. Get over it.

Gunner Unneland (Mukilteo as a Job Haven) appears to be seriously advancing the ide of Mukilteo abolishing the minimum wage. Job killing is a phrase used to invoke fear and intimidate (many people argues no smoking rules for bars and restaurants would be “job killing”). He says this is about “freedom to choose.” It is ironic how often freedom is used to advocate abolishing protections of one kind or another. He says this is a “solution.” Okay, there must be quite a few other protections he would agree are “job killing.” Mukilteo should also do away with zoning restrictions, noise limits in the workplace and air pollution limits for starters. Then Mukilteo will really gain a reputation for being a Job Haven. Imagine the possibilities once these enlightened updates to Mukilteo laws are in place. I will then raise the funds to place a fat rendering plant and auto wrecking yard in very close proximity to Mr. Unneland’s residence. Mr. Unneland can even MC the ribbon cutting ceremony for these economy-enhancing businesses! He uses Hong Kong as an example of how this would work. Well, okay. Homelessness is soaring in Hong King. Great. However, Hong Kong does have free health care for everyone.


Arnie Knudson


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Posted by: Steven Russell Nickerson | Nov 16, 2017 07:25

Hi Arnie,

You clearly have missed the point of my letter...so let me lay it out in crayon for you.

First, I am being completely transparent.  I have stated that I live on the coast, wasn't excited about the terminal/new ferry in my immediate backyard...but, common sense also dictates that a new ferry terminal must go somewhere (it's a water-based structure)...so I can justly take my medicine in spite of the fact that I will hear motorcycles offloading at 4:30 every morning and cars idling on nice summer days.

As it relates to the parking structure...again your ridiculous (NIMBD) is silly.  No one wants a parking structure in their backyard...again, full transparency.  A parking garage does not need to be located on pristine and valuable coastline.  There are other options for local park'n rides and there are certainly more creative, revenue generating, and aesthetically pleasing ideas for businesses, public spaces or structures on our coastline.

Finally, if you don't understand this...I simply can't make you any smarter.  Also, you don't even live in Lynnhood...so shut your pie hole.  I don't comment on all of Lynnwood's crime and seed strip malls.


Your pal,



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