Letter: Sports story insensitive to shooting victims

Jan 25, 2017

Editor’s note: In a story about the Kamiak girls basketball team losing two games in a row due to poor 3-point shooting, reporter David Pan wrote, “The … team doesn’t necessarily live or die by the 3-pointer, but the shot is a big part of its game.”


I must respond regarding the basketball article (“Shooting woes contribute to tough Kamiak losses,” David Pan, Jan. 12).

I do not know any of the victims of the horrific shooting in our community, but I must say that I found the wording of the sports article highly insensitive and inappropriate for a community still grieving the loss of loved ones who actually did “live or die.”

While the wording was perhaps meant to be catchy, it was just plain shameful. Let’s be respectful and raise the bar. Where are the grown ups?


Peggy Mansfield
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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Jan 25, 2017 14:32

I agree, quite shameful.  Especially as pictures of the mass shooter were all over the print edition.

Posted by: Fred Taylor | Jan 26, 2017 13:32

What's shameful is to attempt to control the language and appropriate it for your own purposes. As tragic as the murder was, it's no excuse for demonizing the language and earnest people who use it. Time for YOU to grow up, respectfully.

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