Letter: Stand up for free speech

Oct 18, 2017

A vector whose origin is at Berkeley passes through Seattle and then touches our town.  Free speech was cancelled at Berkeley on April 26.  A best-selling author was denied the opportunity to speak due to the threat of violence by leftists.

This follows an anti-free speech riot that broke out at the University of Washington on Jan. 20.  Due to vacuous leadership, the leftist rioters now have political control of both cities.

What does nirvana look like?  Homeless encampments.  Safe injection facilities are about to open.  Tax increases.  Amazon announced Sept. 7 that they would open a second even larger headquarters elsewhere.

And I’m sorry to report this is coming to Mukilteo.  A group has been formed to take to the streets because they are not satisfied with our political process.

Go to my Facebook page @peterzieve to view a violent threat posted on Instagram against my family.  The Mukilteo Police Department took this seriously, and I want to thank our heroes in blue that keep us safe every day.

Mukilteo, you must choose to stand up for free speech and for the integrity of our political process.  The alternative is to descend into the chaos of those other cities.


Peter Zieve



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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Oct 18, 2017 13:34

NO ONE has the right to go after a politician's family, period.  Sorry this is happening to your family Peter.

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