Letter: The 2019 election and disbanding the TBD

Nov 29, 2017

In the Nov. 6 council meeting councilmember Whelpley stated that Mukilteo has more highly paid professionals then any of our neighboring cities.

That is without the two mystery positions that were budgeted for by the Transportation Benefit District.

My supporters distributed 8,000 postcards and 5,000 handbills asking, “What is the benefit of a Transportation Benefit District?”  The council disbanded the Transportation Benefit District on Nov. 13, the first opportunity that did not require an explanation to the voters.

In the Nov. 15 Beacon, Mr. Glen Pickus takes credit for creating Mukilteo For All (a PAC) and declares it was highly successful at tipping the election against Zieve.  Several people contacted me asking, “Who is Glen Pickus that sends out a postcard showing the faces of high school girls and not himself?”

He is a thirteen-year employee of the city of Mukilteo that shifted to the city of Snohomish employment on July 20, 2016.

If he had any dignity he would recuse himself from involvement in city politics.

His contributor list includes current city employees Marko Liias and Nancy Passovoy.  The elites are electing themselves and making no apologies.

Next election cycle I hope that Glen will come forward and run for office.

I think the city deserves to know who he is and what he stands for.

I have posted Glen’s emails to the council on my Facebook page @peterzieve.

In his emails, Glen demands that the Transportation Benefit District be “fully funded.” He unloads on councilmember Schmalz who disagrees.

Sorry Glen, the Transportation Benefit District has been disbanded with hardly a word spoken.

In the council race we had a fun team with campaign manager Mario Lotmore, treasurer Emily Vanderwielen and sign manager Don Fossedal.

We had many dedicated supporters.  You saw them on the street corners and at your door ringing your doorbell. We had three council endorsements and one mayor who was also previously on the council so the total council endorsement was four.

Did anybody have more?

We will be back in 2019 with a candidate in each position. With Ted Wheeler retiring from the council the cat will be away and the mice will play. Mukilteo needs to stay vigilant.



Peter Zieve


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