Letter: The hypocrisy of Mukilteo for all

Oct 25, 2017

A group of people sent Mukilteo residents a card with the message of “don’t vote for Peter Zieve”. I am surprised it does not say “no” to a proposition, initiative, or bill.  They want us to say “no” to a person who is running for office to serve.

First, if they want Mukilteo to be “for all” as their logo and web site claim, it should and must include Peter Zieve and his vision for the city.  It is one thing to run for office with a vision for the city, but to just say “Mukilteo for all” but not for Peter reminds me of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.   “Some animals are equal but some animals are more equal than the others.”

Please come up with a vision and run for office if you would like, but attacking a person who has done good things in Mukilteo is just mean.

Second, when they sent their card to residents to warn us from Peter, they believe they are doing good.  When he sent a card to discuss keeping us safe from terror, it was portrayed as a crime.   I see this to be a double standard.

Finally, I want to say that I am a legal immigrant, a black American, and yet I feel welcomed in Mukilteo.  It is already a welcoming place for all!  There is no need to demonize a well-intentioned person.

They want us to say no to Peter, but I hope people will say yes to him instead.


Sisay Desalegn


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Posted by: mario lotmore | Oct 28, 2017 14:23

Well said!

Posted by: L LeBray | Oct 29, 2017 21:26

I think this sort of action will backfire, big time.  Most of us, who are adults, any one with a conscience, reasoning, have already put much consideration, intuition and reasoning and research behind who we are voting for.  Peter Zieve was elected by the people of Mukilteo to be in the election for this position.  Who are you to tell me who I should vote for and who I shouldn't?  You are treating people like they are braindead and brainwashed.

Personally, I think Champion, as a lifer Boeing-ite, is in it for Boeing, just like most of Snohomish county, and is in it for tax dollars that Boeing and the Expanded commercial flights will bring, to Snohomish country and the city of Mukilteo, at the expense, health and declinging property values of the residents here.

Not only that, but a conflict of interest in his relationship with the mayor and council member, Bob Champion.  I don't care how long it's been going on.  They can have a relationship...I don't care about that.  But it is a conflict of interest if they are serving as Mayor  and council member (representing Boeing's interest)...and if they want to continue it, one of them should have stepped down and removed themselves from running for office.

Gregerson nor Champion, never took the time to come knock on my door and speak to me.  Zieve did.  And I was very impressed with him.

Zieve sill has my vote.  Do the right thing... back out Gregerson or Champion.  And quite frankly, I have not been greatly impressed by Gregerson nor Champion.  They don't really seem to have a clue...the building dept doesn't have a clue.






Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Oct 30, 2017 01:43


Proof please of this alleged personal relationship?  It seems to me this smear campaign against a great leader of the Puget Sound transit community is all on the word of one estranged man.

That said, it was Mayor Gregerson who unlike the Boeing-ite of her opponent who is actively fighting for a balance between Mukilteans and federal grant requirements and Paine Field management and now the airlines.  Work to undermine Mayor Gregerson, you will get someone who take whatever position the aviation industry wants.


Joe, who loves airplanes AND Mukilteo

Posted by: mario lotmore | Oct 30, 2017 22:03

Isn't texting a great invention! I am sure they used it! :-)~

Posted by: L LeBray | Oct 31, 2017 14:53

Joe, Jennifer did not deny the relationship, just said it was a lie that it was going on during her entire term. (Hello!)  I rely on intuition, I have great intuition and reasoning skills.  I also look at other posts on this site....and many are not for Mukilteo, but for the transit....and grants....look at the area being torn up by QFC....drainage from the airport...more toxic chemicals traveling our neighborhoods and invading soil, air and sediment.  The FDA is only putting grant money in, because they know they are causing contamination, more than they can control.  It's a pacifying technique... All down gradient from the airport.  I grew up in the military, I know that these chemicals can affect ground water, and cause vapor intrusion into surrounding properties and invade into homes.

Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Nov 01, 2017 12:09


Share the texts or stand down.  There is this thing called SCRIBD too, you know.  I use it and have posted over 115 documents to my account.


Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Nov 01, 2017 12:13


Mayor Gregerson has never said she's in a new romantic relationship.  Your so-called "intuition" is based on what?

You should focus on that "area being torn up by QFC" because I just walked by it last month.  Interesting...



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