Letter: Thoughts on Mukilteo's election

Oct 25, 2017

Having attended the Candidate’s forum at Rosehill last Wednesday, talking with most of the candidates, and lived through some of the strangest recent political rhetoric in modern history, I’d like to weigh in on the Mukilteo elections.

I believe the current mayor and council are much better than when I served as a council member. However, we still have many missed opportunities in Mukilteo that need to be addressed in a more pragmatic way.

First, Proposition 1. I’m voting NO because Mukilteo needs to work smarter instead of blaming all our deficiencies on not having enough money. Prove to me that you’re willing to implement low cost high impact safety projects and you’ll earn a "yes" vote from me but for now, NO. Instead of improving safety and parking at our waterfront area with the implementation of paid parking, the city is providing the same services and funneling the revenue from the parking program to the general fund. There is a missing sidewalk segment between 2nd and 3rd Streets along SR525, resulting in pedestrians walking in the ferry lane. This is one of many examples that should have been taken care of years ago.

For mayor of Mukilteo, I’m voting to reelect Mayor Jennifer Gregerson. I know that I need to work harder to stress the importance of issues that currently face those of us who have to live daily with all the changes in Old Town but I also know that Jennifer is committed and willing to listen. I want Mukilteo to move forward in a positive manner and based on past experience, I believe Jennifer is our best chance to make that happen.

For Council Position 1, I’m voting for Anna Rohrbough. Anna approached me early on in her campaign to discuss what I saw as some of the challenges that needed attention in Mukilteo, as well as my perspective as a previous council member. I had also seen Anna at a recent community meeting regarding the new ferry terminal and appreciated that she was engaged before running for office.

For Council Position 2, I’m voting to reelect Bob Champion who currently serves as the council president. Bob is a thoughtful and smart individual with a background that I believe serves the city well. When I complained to the city (among others) about the 3:30 a.m. Dreamlifter flights to/from Charlston, Bob was the only city official who acknowledged my concern and said he’d work with me. I later learned from airport personnel that Dreamlifter flights comprised 60 percent of the noise complaints they received and are working with Boeing on the problem. The campaign that Bob’s opponent is running I find personally offensive and reprehensible. It is negative and using the same strategy which capitalizes on voter ignorance as that used by Trump. Hopefully Mukilteo is smarter than that.

For Council Position 3, I’m honestly not sure who I’m voting for yet. I like both Tony Markey and Sara Kneller, both are well informed, considerate, willing to learn and I believe both would serve the city well. Both sought me out to discuss Mukilteo and regardless of who wins, I hope to work with both in the future.

Kevin Stoltz

Mukilteo City Councilmember (2006-2013)

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