Letter: Time for changes now

Oct 25, 2017

Mayor Gregerson and Council President Champion, emphasize they have not raised taxes.

2017 storm water fees doubled and increased by 11 percent in 2018. Two months ago at a council workshop, $20 car tab fees were heavily discussed, as were property tax increases for street maintenance.

Gregerson said EMS Levy rates have not been increased recently. Taxpayers approved a higher EMS rate than the current rate. She said a rate increase should be made.

Several said “we” should stop talking about tax increases until after the election.

Voters do not want more taxes after ST3 imposed huge car tabs and property tax this year.

Raising taxes prior to the election would preclude us saying we have not raised taxes. Fees have increased but fees are not taxes.

New taxes/fees are on the Council Budget Agenda for discussion and approval November 6 and 20.

Gregerson said in her Beacon letter, “It is a lie that I had a relationship with Bob Champion for the length of my term.” Gregerson’s former husband said. “…Champion and Gregerson continue to deny the relationship that has existed between them for nearly the entire lengths of their terms.”

“For the length of my term” vs. “for nearly the entire length” is an important difference in words. Champion declined to comment.

Time for a change so misleading word games stop and information isn’t held back about significant impacts on voter pocketbooks until after they vote.

Voters have an opportunity to stop the games now or to let them continue.

Charlie Pancerzewski

Twice Former Councilmember


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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Oct 25, 2017 19:22


Why don't you keep focused on dollars and cents, and in return I'll stop trolling you.  Because this is sick bringing up a divorce - I've heard rumors Jeff was physically abusive towards Jennifer.



Posted by: mario lotmore | Oct 26, 2017 10:42

Have you ever thought about checking out your facts by requesting then READING the divorce records?  I doubt it!


Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Oct 26, 2017 11:30

You know, I thought the records were sealed...

Posted by: Charlie Pancerzewski | Oct 26, 2017 13:08


You imply you know a lot, like you did not know "your friend" the Mayor was not still married. If you thought the records were sealed, why did you think that?  Were you told they were sealed by someone or are you just guessing to support what you are trying to convince readers that you know what you are talking about? I have heard rumors too, that the records included some text or email messages between the Mayor and Council President relating to the divorce matter. Why not make the contents of these public. Then no one would need to speculate on the situation. Why were these documents sealed? What is in them that no one should see?

Most people know governments are run on a separation of power basis, including Mukilteo. We have an Executive, the Mayor, and we have the Legislative, the Council. I have no problem with what individuals do on their own time as long as they are not breaking the law or adhering to the responsibilities of their elected office.

The Mayor, Jennifer Gregerson, and Council President, Bob Champion, develop the Council Meeting Agendas which permit discussion and resolution of City Policies and approval of all revenue and expenditures. If the head of the two branches of our government are involved in close personal relationships that creates a problem with the independence that our system of government was designed to provide. When the heads of these two branches are involved in more than their elected positions anticipate, important matters can be substantially influenced.

I have been told by others on the Council that they have tried to get a topic of importance to them on the Council meeting Agenda without success and are not happy about it. Why would that happen? I have attended many Council meetings that have ended much earlier than other meetings and some meetings are cancelled for no apparent reason, like the October 30 meeting. Is it possible there are no important Council matters to discuss so the meeting was cancelled or other meetings are short?

We all know better. Better to not have a meeting prior to the election where someone may see the Mayor's proposed Budget and cause some voters to be unhappy and vote for her opponent or for the Council President's opponent.

The Mayor postponed presenting the 2018 Budget a month compared to last year when it was available in early October. Keeps voters from seeing what she is going to propose that voters might not like until after they vote.

I am not interested in the personal lives of our elected officials for the reasons I provided above.

Since you live in Skagit County and do not vote in Mukilteo, and purport to be the Mayor;s friend but did not know she was divorced until reading it in the paper, it is hard to understand where you are coming from and why it should matter to Mukilteo residents. By the way, I did not bring the relationship matter up, it was in all the newspapers first. I have never met her former husband and have had no communication with him.

Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Oct 26, 2017 22:48


Let's just say...

#1. You might wanna stick to the issues and leave the personal lives of politicians out of it.  Those abortion files could be unsealed anyday... maybe this newspaper or the Everett Herald might wanna do that.

#2. As to the issues, "I have been told by others on the Council that they have tried to get a topic of importance to them on the Council meeting Agenda without success and are not happy about it.".  Damn good one.

#3. If it weren't for the personal attacks on Mayor Gregerson from day one, I'd be a professional and keep my mouth shut and let Mukilteans vote without outside influence.  Outside influence you know, I know and many know is coming in anyway.



Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Oct 26, 2017 22:49

Sorry Charlie, I meant divorce files could be unsealed anyday... maybe this newspaper or the Everett Herald might wanna do that.

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