Letter to the editor: Please sign for Initiative-1639

I am guessing you have seen lots of volunteers out on the streets carrying clipboards with yellow pages.

This is “the people” doing the job of the legislature. This Initiative-1639 is for common sense guns regulations for the state of Washington.

If made into law, it would establish at the age of 21 for purchase of assault weapons; require safety training; require safe storage of guns and expand background checks. It does not take guns away.

It does not take away the Second Amendment. It is a measure to help stop gun violence. It is a first step for the safety of our communities and our schools.

Signing the petition does not make it law, but gets it on the fall ballot and gives every registered voter a chance to decide in November.

Please seek out I-1639 and sign it.

Get this petition on the fall ballot and send a message to our legislators that we want gun safety.


Carol Megenity