Letter to the Editor

Jan 30, 2019

A refreshing refresh


I go out of town for a week or so and what happens? The Beacon I knew and loved underwent a transformation!  What a pleasant surprise!

I remember the last time the look was refreshed, and I thought then it couldn’t get any better. But happily, I was wrong. The paper looks so clean now. The banner change is nice (more on that in a second), and the way the front page is organized allows for bigger pictures and more content (or so it seems).  Great job by everyone involved!

A couple “nits”, if I may:  On the header, the deep blue and blue-gray bars are fine over “Mukilteo,” but “Beacon” is, in my opinion, a bit spoiled by the bar cutting across the tops of the letters. I’d move the blue bar up to touch the bottom of the other one.

And secondly (and maybe this is unchanged from before, to be honest), I wonder about the multiple fonts used for all the headlines. I can see a different one for the main story, but why not use just one other font for the rest?

Thanks again for your splendid paper, made even more so by this refresh!


Marc Spoor


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