Letter to the Editor

Mar 20, 2019

Not shocked, but still Paine-ful


I would like to add to Mr. Neal Thatcher’s “Thumbs down for Paine Field” (Letters to the Editor, Mukilteo Beacon, March 13, 2019), and to Mr. Paul Archipley’s “Welcome to Mukil ‘you’re screwed’ teo” (Our View, Mukilteo Beacon, March 13, 2019).

I am saddened, but not shocked, to read our state Senate is already talking about expansion after just a week of commercial service.

My first reaction is, “Here we go again.”

You see, some time ago I lived in the city of SeaTac, and fought the good fight against the third runway.

I can tell you from personal experience that the things we hold dear about Mukilteo will be sacrificed on the altar of airport expansion and economic growth.

Port of Seattle (now to be Port of Everett?) “noise abatement packages” with double-pane windows will not come close to eliminating the additional noise. I still remember having to pause phone conversations as an airplane departed.

Some other fun things in our future: Get ready to wash the fine black grime off your cars. Get ready for ineffectively “soundproofed” schools that have to pause classes. And get ready for entire streets worth of housing torn down and added to airport property. Not to mention the market effect on those that remain.

Having said all this, let me also say I am not against progress. I am not against the current two-gate terminal. And I am not against airplanes or air travel - after all, I’m a 30-year Boeing employee.

I am, however, against money-hungry politicians deciding our fate when they don’t even live here and won’t face the consequences.

I hope there are enough people who value our Mukilteo way of life to stand with Sen. Liias against expansion of Paine Field commercial service.


Marc Spoor


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