Letter to the Editor

Jun 26, 2019

$12,000 for old news


When I read the letter from the June 17 City Council meeting regarding severance pay, I was confused.

Did one of the four councilmembers who got all of this started (Rohrbough, Whelpley, Schmalz and Cook) write the letter? It sounded like it.

But I am told that the letter was written by the outside counsel who was paid $12,000 for an investigation into what these four councilmembers thought was illegal behavior on the part of our mayor. Talk about much ado about nothing!

Councilmember Whelpley says "the citizens deserve to see the letter because it was paid for with City funds." Is this his attempt at transparency?

How about if the public gets to see what the outside attorney and councilmember Cook reviewed. How about if we see that?

All this letter tells me is that my tax dollars were ill spent on a wild goose chase by councilmembers whose motives were murky at best.

Let's see: $12,000 for a three-page letter. That's $4,000 dollars a page for a regurgitation of the same findings that the State Auditor's Office found. What a waste of money.

Hats off to the mayor for her class act behavior throughout all of this nonsense.

Now hopefully, the city can move on.


Elaine Knapp


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