Letter: ‘Tried and true’ Champion has my vote

Jul 26, 2017

I would be remiss if I did not write a few comments about Councilmember Bob Champion.

He has always responded to my emails. He has been a constant, calm voice on the council. I have spoken with him at Mukilteo Senior Association meetings; he is very attentive to the needs of seniors.

I ask that before voters mark their ballots they remember the hateful postcard sent out to members of this community by one of Bob’s opposing candidates (“Head of Electroimpact apologizes, clarifies anti-mosque postcard,” Sara Bruestle, April 20, 2016) – you remember the one, don't you?

Also, please note that hundreds of campaign signs plastered in every corner of our community does not equate to a candidate that will do the best for Mukilteo. It simply means the candidate that puts them up has money and time to spend doing so. Signage does not a qualified candidate make.

My vote goes to Bob Champion, a tried and true council member who cares about this city, and all of its people.


Elaine Knapp
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