Letter: Vote Zieve to take back council, send a message

Jul 26, 2017

I met Peter Zieve years ago when I was part of a team that evaluated his robotic manufacturing systems for next-generation, environmentally friendly commercial aircraft.

Since retiring from aerospace, I have become friends with and socialize often with Peter and his family. I find him to be a kind, generous, concerned and family centric businessman who has added greatly to our community.

But Peter is more than just a Mukilteo businessman. He exemplifies a family agenda not with words but by actively supporting the construction of a new children’s center. He exemplifies his concern for our community by asking questions others refuse to ask. He combines intelligence with compassion.

Let’s take back our City Council from those who spend money on endless lawsuits that enrich lawyers and add nothing to our lives, a council that wastes time arguing over a ‘welcoming agenda’ while living in an open, diverse community that is already the envy of many, and a council who adds more taxes that stifle growth.

An overwhelming vote for Peter Zieve will send a strong message to our City Council that the lockstep voting blocks they have been using can be broken by concerned Mukilteo residents.


Edward G. Sergoyan
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