Letter: Why have school gates been locked lately?

Jul 12, 2017

Editor’s Note: According to Mukilteo School District spokesperson Andy Muntz, the gates to Harbour Pointe Middle School were locked during the Fourth of July holiday due to the long weekend. The gates to the track were locked the week prior because a contractor was there making warranty repairs, Muntz noted.


I’ve lived in Harbour Pointe for nearly a decade and don't recall seeing the gates to the Harbour Pointe Middle School parking lots ever locked until this year. Now it seems to happen randomly for entire weekends or more without any notice.

Like a lot of residents in the area, I like to use the school's open space and track on the weekends for exercise and recreation. Since school is now out, I was really looking forward to getting out there during the Fourth of July holiday break to use the space, but when I turned into the parking lot I nearly drove my car into the locked gate.

I can only speculate that they locked the gates to prevent people using the space fore fireworks on Independence Day. But, if that's the case, it seems a bit excessive since the police and fire stations are literally right next door and I doubt any fireworks would go unnoticed.

As a taxpayer, I'd really like to utilize these facilities during the weekend, especially when school is out and the kids aren't needing it.


Scott Philipp
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