Letter: Zieve a victim of political correctness police

Apr 05, 2017

Is Peter Zieve illegal or merely politically incorrect? As a factual adolescent, my question is sincere.

Mr. Zieve manufactures security sensitive parts for Boeing, which in turn make airplanes transporting millions of people each day. It is my hope, as certainly it is Boeing’s, that Mr. Zieve’s hiring practices exercise some form of scrutiny ("Electroimpact's Zieve says he's victim of state's probe," Nicholas Johnson, March 29).

As company president, he is credited with all that goes well, and is blamed for all that fails. Be that as it may, it seems reasonable to expect a high level of his involvement in all practices and policies of employees – employees who make parts and products impacting the lives of so many.

While I may not agree with Mr. Zieve’s stance on the mosque in Mukilteo, nor his methods of approach to the issue, I can appreciate his concern as a manufacturer of security sensitive equipment.

A fact staring at Mr. Zieve is ISIS. With direct ties to Islamic precepts, ISIS claims credit for most of the world’s terrorism. Will a mosque impact his employment pool? Might that pool impact the integrity of his products?

Again, I may not agree with Mr. Zieve’s position as to the mosque in Mukilteo, yet I do conceded his right to an opinion. There was a time in America when free speech was permissible (even for a CEO). We, as a society, seem to have modified this.

Free speech is permissible after spellchecking the politically correct dictionary. If it agrees with our liberal mainstream thinking, then all is well. If not, then we likely proceed to “outrageous” and “shocking” courses of action. We utilize our public resources to sick the politically correct police on them. It only makes sense to start with the big dog, so we sick Bob Ferguson on them.

Frankly – and it is only my opinion, which I am hoping I am yet free to express – I am appalled at the actions on both sides of the issue.


Rick Foltz
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