Letter: Zieve has welcomed me into his home

Jul 12, 2017

I have the unfortunate experience to know firsthand what it is like to not have your father around in my youth, especially throughout the challenges of adolescence.

As an African American man, Peter Zieve and his family has welcomed me into their home for dinners, BBQs, games with the family and, at times, to offer guidance. I truly respect their friendship.

Peter’s kids are respectful and polite; they do not back talk their elders and are not troublemakers. The love between a father and son is evident, not only in the love returned to Peter by his young boys, but also the time they spend together playing sports, biking and bedtime stories – truly admirable.

I understand Peter is running for City Council Position 2, but please, let’s leave the kids out of the politics and focus on the real issues facing Mukilteo, such as our city’s overall fiscal health; and in the Harbour Pointe area, the heroine epidemic and rising property crime.


Mario Lotmore
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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Jul 14, 2017 23:21

Thank you for speaking out.  I agree with you.  I lost a brother in law to a heroine addiction, who left behind my struggling sister and two young children....and two families on my street lost children to heroine.   Peter is a forward thinker, and looking ahead for our communities and our children's futures.

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