Letter: Zieve’s record bodes poorly for families

Jul 05, 2017

Mukilteo is a wonderful place to live. I feel fortunate to be in a community of so many caring, involved individuals. Candidate signs are up, and my heart sinks when I see Zieve’s slogan “for families.”

It’s possible some of you haven’t made the connection. Peter Zieve created chaos in the community many times over the last year. He hasn’t been caring and supportive of families, only those he deems fit.

Just to remind you, he sent postcards anonymously to all citizens of Mukilteo, sparking unfounded fear (“Head of Electroimpact apologizes, clarifies anti-mosque postcard,” April 20, 2016); was in litigation and paid fines to the state Attorney General’s office for unlawful and racist hiring practices; was reported as creating a hostile workplace (“Electroimpact’s Zieve says he’s victim of state’s probe,” March 29).

What you might not know about Zieve is he has an extensive police record of domestic violence. Being a concerned citizen and feeling a responsibility to be informed, I went to the Washington Access to Criminal History website to get his records. There are more than six accounts of domestic violence involving Zieve, two of those in the last six months.

Here is a man running for City Council saying he is “for families” when he has exposed his children to repeated accounts of domestic violence. How can a man who does not act responsibly to conflict in his own home, lend his hand responsibly and with integrity to city issues?

We want someone who has communication skills and the ability to work with others to truly support the families of Mukilteo. This is not what Zieve offers.


Kim Longmore
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