Letter: Zieve’s views a greater threat than ISIS

Apr 26, 2017

Belatedly, I am trying to catch up with local news. I take serious exception to the seemingly objective letter by Rick Foltz of Mukilteo (“Zieve a victim of political correctness police,” April 5).

More and more, people take the opportunity to spread their own biases by dismissing things they do not like by labeling them as “political correctness” and “freedom of speech,” and hiding behind “security.”

Mr. Foltz can see “both sides of the issue.” What he seems unwilling to see is that a leading member of industry takes to fueling fires of fear and hate against a group of people – Muslims – who only want a place to congregate and pray in.

Mr. Foltz should also know that we Muslims serve in all functions of this nation with pride and excellence. There are Muslim engineers in Boeing without whose signatures a new plane cannot be released to fly. There are designers who help design missiles in submarines. Muslims have fought and sacrificed their lives for this, their country. We are doctors, lawyers, high-tech designers and, yes, we are also cab drivers.

Mr. Foltz’s justifications for fearing Muslims, or discriminating against us, by suggesting it is part of a concern for security is as despicable as making vile suggestions about Jews, blacks, Hispanics and other minorities.

America is a great country, not because of attitudes like Zieve's, but because of Muslims, Hindus, blacks, Jews, and all who so proudly work together to make this a great country.

With attitudes like the ones promoted by Zieve and Mr. Foltz, this country does not need to fear ISIS.


Jafar “Jeff” Siddiqui
Founder, American Muslims of Puget Sound
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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Apr 28, 2017 23:47

As a long time resident of Mukilteo..very aware and intuitive, .I have never met Mr. Zieve, nor you...but I was quite offended by your comment of comparing Mr. Zieve to ISIS....please do not confuse passion, awareness,. And love to hate.  Especially by saying, this country does not need to fear ISIS.


I have 11 year background in aerospace.  I grew up in the military as a military brat.  I have great respect for our country, president and men and women.  I settled in Mukilteo, because I believe it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with positive energy.  Why do you attempt to spread negative energy?

You are like a typical dem....trying to destroy anyone with a differing opinion.




Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Apr 29, 2017 00:07

..you use inflammatory rhetoric that it is not just dishonest but is actually dangerous. Mr. Zieve cares about children...children ARE our future.  We are creating our future today.
Let's look at ISIS.So ISIS is beheading Christians who refuse to convert to Islam and crucifying Muslims who are not radical enough. ISIS is burying little children alive, burning prisoners alive, drowning them in cages,

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