Letters: Appreciation, concerns, and a response

Sep 12, 2018

Lots of thanks and congratulations


Thank you to the Mukilteo Kiwanis Club and the Mukilteo Historical Society as well as the city and community of Mukilteo for this honor of 2018 Mukilteo Citizen of the Year. I am completely humbled by this award.

I know Mukilteo is filled with so many amazing people, so my initial reaction was disbelief and surprise with the magnitude of this award. My heart is committed to serving locally and globally.

Thank you Elizabeth Erickson for her uplifting speech and introduction at the Citizen of the Year Banquet. Thank you to Harbour Pointe Retirement Senior Living for hosting this beautiful banquet in my honor.

Special thanks to Pamela Clay Taylor, and Tim Taylor who have continued to serve as wonderful role models for me and have held my hand these past few months. Their love for our community is immense and their contributions to fundraising for local scholarships and support for the Boys & Girls Club is an inspiration to us all.

Congratulations to Sharon Waddell Freeman - awarded Mukilteo Pioneer of the Year by the Mukilteo Historical Society. Sharon is just simply an amazing and beautiful woman who has so much passion and love for Mukilteo. I love her spirit and I know we are bonded for life now, especially with our little dance routine!

Cheers to Chuck Davis, the Grand Marshall of the Lighthouse Parade and director of the Boys & Girls Club for all he does for the youth in our community.

Congratulations to Kelsey Schaaf, who attends Olympic View Middle School and was chosen as Mayor for the Day. I have had the blessing of knowing her and her wonderful family for years and Kelsey definitely has my vote!

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to all the beautiful and amazing friends and family who graciously gave their love and support. It would take a thousand lifetimes to ever repay the blessings I have received or to ever show how deeply thankful I am.

You are so loved by me!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” - Pablo Picasso

Feeling very blessed.


Nhi Pham, D.D.S.

Mukilteo Dental Center

2018 Mukilteo Citizen of the Year


Where is our council?


My family participated in the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival, our premier yearly event, and we thank all the volunteers that worked hard.

I am disappointed in the city council, which for the most part was absent.

We saw Christine Cook and Anna Rohrbough volunteered in the beer garden. We didn't see Bob Champion, Richard Emery, Sarah Kneller, Steve Schmalz and Scott Whelpley.  Sarah Kneller was absent from the Aug. 20 council meeting where the "vote of no confidence" was taken.

Why does Sarah Kneller want to be on the council if she misses the most important vote and the most important community event?

The detached and aloof city council is the real reason this event is on life support.


Peter Zieve



Editor’s Note:
Sarah Kneller was at the Lighthouse Festival on Sunday with her husband and children.


Response to past letter


Editor’s Note: The following Letter to the Editor is in response to Cindy Clark’s letter, "Charity begins at home" from the Sept. 5 issue of the Mukilteo Beacon.


Mukilteo city staff work tirelessly in dedication to the community.

The call for any city staff to donate their personal salary to offset costs of the festival is misplaced and erroneous.

Every employee of the city is a professional who deserves their compensation.

I support the staff at the city of Mukilteo and I thank you for your work.


Karl Almgren


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