Letters for the week of Aug. 8

Aug 08, 2012

No parking at farmers market

Dear Editor,

The Farmers Market needs some help from Mukilteo. Last week, I made two attempts to visit the site.

After waiting in a two-mile plus line due to the light at 5th Street, I gave up on the first attempt. My second try, later I arrived at the Farmers Market, but no parking was available within a mile.

Mukilteo should help the venders by adjusting the light at 5th Street and create more parking for vendors. Or, better yet, find them a better location, i.e. the Kamiak High School parking lot.


William D. Reid,


Beacon helps save homeless cats’ lives

Dear Editor,

I wanted to thank you all again for helping homeless cats this year!

The exposure your paper has provided means that some homeless cats will find homes. It means that you have saved cats’ lives!

With exposure like you have provided this year, and last year as well (post-event article and the printing of letters to the editor), you have helped to bring our community and regional shelters together in an effort to save all homeless cats. The problem is so vast and urgent that it takes everyone’s help and you have all helped immensely.

Thanks, Beacon!!

Thanks to Paul Archipley for approving the co-sponsorship and supporting the regional multi-shelter cat adoption event! Thanks to Doug Kimball for marketing and to Doug Warren for the creation of an ad, which I think was extraordinary.

Thanks to LaVendrick Smith for an unbelievable story last year in addition to your two fantastic stories this year. The pre-event article captured the purpose of the event so well.

Your new post-event story and pictures are fantastic as well! The picture of George the cat hugging John Meredith brought back memories to me of volunteering at the Everett Animal Shelter.

While volunteering there, I once helped to get NOAA to take a cat named Martini that hugged me in the same way while they were deciding which cats to take (they take cats from open shelters when space permits at their no-kill facilities so as to prevent euthanasia at open shelters due to limited space at open shelters when they are overburdened).

I was very moved and am sure Martini was begging me for help. In fact, I was so moved that I cried. It was a great day to see Martini being helped by several people from NOAA and his life spared.

Thanks to Sara Bruestle for your editing and planning of the direction of the articles concerning the adoption event. Thanks also for coming out and accepting the award on behalf of The Beacon. And finally, thanks to everyone else that works at The Beacon! You are a great paper!

If cats could give awards, I'm sure the Mukilteo Beacon would receive one.

But since cats cant give awards, local volunteers decided to present you with the third "Meow in Mukilteo" Volunteer Award on behalf of homeless cats.

The previous recipients were Tiffany Belter, for her volunteer work in support of cats, and the All Care Pet Hospital, for their long lasting support of this event and Cats.

Again, thank you all very, very much.

Ray Boyer,

Meow in Mukilteo,


Kamiak football team seeks sponsors

Dear Editor,

The Kamiak Gridiron Club is making the following request of Mukilteo businesses:

Last year many businesses helped provide a quality football experience for over 120 players at Kamiak High School. Your generous donation provided equipment, training, financial assistance for players, as well as and many spirit related events supporting the Kamiak Football program.

Without your help and with today’s tight budgets, high school football at Kamiak would not be the great program that it is today.

2012 is no different and we need your help. This letter is an invitation to you and your business to help the Knights to a great season this fall.

Remember, your sponsorship also brings a great deal of recognition to your business and may include prominent placement on our yearly poster, recognition on our website and frequent mentions during all home games. It’s also tax deductible!

We are hoping that you may consider a bronze, silver or gold sponsorship package for 2012. Any contribution is greatly appreciated at any level. If your business is unable to sponsor at this time, we are gladly accepting donations and gift certificates for various activities throughout the season.

Thank you for considering a Fightin’ Knights Gridiron Club Sponsorship. Your support is deeply appreciated.

Any questions, please contact Tammy Chalfant at 425-754-8885 or Julie Rucker at 425-239-8981.

Best regards,

Tammy Chalfant and Julie Rucker,

Fightin’ Knights Gridiron Club,


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