Letters for the week of Dec. 5

Dec 05, 2012

Rotarians help kids shop for Christmas gifts

Editor, The Beacon:

I want to thank the more than 30 volunteers (wow!) who attended South Everett-Mukilteo Rotary Club's annual K-Mart for Kids event on Dec. 1. Many Rotarians who could not attend pledged a donation.

Most of you brought friends and family members – please extend our thanks to them. Kamiak students also participated. A wonderful photographer, Steve Sheas' daughter Kendall, took photos of the kids in the Christmas area.

K-Mart provided refreshments, all the wrapping materials to make pretty packages, plus wonderful treat bags for the kids.

Head elf Mikey Bartlett helped supervise the entire event. Thank you Jim Underwood for being floor manager elf and passing out the treat bags.

Everyone involved helped to serve about 45 Kids and their families from Housing Hope!

Hope you all had fun, the kids and families were so happy and appreciative.

All of you are truly amazing and really opened this Season of Joy by helping others.

Thank you for you generous donations. Thank you to everyone – shoppers, committee members, K-Mart, Housing Hope, Kamiak students and all volunteers. All of you made this event possible.

All the best and most sincerely,

Ellen Middleton,

Rotary Club of South Everett-Mukilteo

In praise of pastries

One of the best businesses to grace Mukilteo is the L'Artisan French Bakery on 3rd Street, right across from the Rosehill Community Center. As soon as I walk through the door, I am transported to France, with no jet lag!

Surrounded by the aroma of fresh baked bread, my eyes are lost in contemplation of the most exquisitely aesthetic pastries, tarts, cakes and cookies, all of which exceed anything I have ever had in Paris – and trust me, I've had lots!

Each pastry piece is an adventure waiting to engage all senses. The anticipation of biting into a L'Artisan peach croissant is like waiting to open the best present ever – and once the bite is taken, your mouth is filled with pure, unadulterated pleasure as the fresh peach flavor mingles with the vanilla cream foundation all encased in the most delicate, flaky, buttery croissant you will ever want.

Need I say more? Get in there!

I love entertaining with cakes, tarts and pies from L'Artisan. My guests are always excited to indulge and I am happy that I can serve something extraordinary without having to make it myself.

And, by the way, Chef Jacky has made some incredible French Christmas cookies this year as well, but you will have to hurry if you want some – I just bought out the first batch!

Folks, do you love having the L'Artisan French Bakery in Mukilteo as much as I do? If your answer is yes, then please join me in making sure this business stays here by supporting it with your patronage.


Small business is dying across America. If you care about your town and your choices, then please join me and make the effort to support our local businesses. These businesses add significant value to our lives and properties and are worthy of your investment.

Best regards,

Terry Preshaw,


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