Letters for the week of July 11

Jul 11, 2012

Maintain the park through donations

Dear Editor,

I read in The Beacon that the City Council is considering a parking fee down at Lighthouse Park [“Council to discuss paid parking at Lighthouse Park,” June 13, front page].

I have a suggestion. Maybe if the city put up a couple of strong lock boxes, we can rely on donations to help maintain the park the best we can. There would be no set amount; you’d just give what you can afford.

I think people would be more willing to give a contribution to benefit the park than pay a parking fee.

We are in a recession, however, and so we don’t know if we’ll get people visiting the park who are able to pay more or who can’t pay very much. Chances are, the people won’t be able to pay much.

If the response is not too good, then maybe we’ll have to revert to a fee that is reasonable.

But I’d first give the donation boxes a try. We’re going to have more beach in the future when the ferry dock is moved, so let’s make the people feel good for a change. Give them an opportunity to do it themselves, and they’ll jump at it.

They’ll probably kick in a few bucks. At least, the ones who can afford it do it.

John Hayes,


We appreciate Kevin Stoltz’s hard work

Dear Editor,

Just wanted to drop a note to say how much I appreciate the hard work and dedication that Councilmember Kevin Stoltz puts forth to make citizens aware of the workings of city government.

I’ve read the letters from those who take Mr. Stoltz to task for not being a team player with the other councilmembers. My wife and I do not agree with this viewpoint.

“Go along to get along” are words to live by at family or church gatherings, but I expect elected officials to scrutinize every issue and to speak out if they believe that the majority are going the wrong direction. (After all, wasn’t this country founded by a bunch of people who were not “team players?”)

I have seen the bad city decisions that have developed out of “team work” (anyone remember that gate the City Council voted to erect on St. Andrews drive and the subsequent costly lawsuit to take it down? Or what about that “friendly” lawsuit against the Mukilteo School District? Traffic cameras, anyone? I could go on…).

Reading Mr. Stoltz’s logical arguments for his viewpoints backed up by hard numbers is very refreshing and offers a nice contrast against the polished spin of the city published newsletter.

I’ll admit that Mr. Stoltz gets very passionate in his writing on city issues and that this may put some people off, but I’ll take that any day of the week when it is backed up by Mr. Stoltz’s sound reasoning.

Keep up the good work, Kevin!

Bob Forrester,


Soccer club awards 4 scholarships

Dear Editor,

Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club is happy to announce the four college scholarship recipients for the 2012 school year.  The four college bound students are Jay Bennett, Megan Winsor, Marisa Gonzalez and Isabelle Schilbach.

Each graduate received a $1,000 scholarship based on their participation as a soccer player or volunteer, and an essay sharing how soccer has influenced their life.  MYSC offers these scholarships each year to graduating, college bound students in the Mukilteo School District.

Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club has more than 1,000 participants each year.  MYSC hosts teams for players from entering kindergarten through grade 12.

Additional information can be found at www.mysc.org.

Debbie Cleland,

MYSC Registrar,


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