Letters for the week of July 17

Jul 17, 2013

Mukilteo needs a new mayor

Editor, The Beacon:

Long ago, after the Marine Corps had occupied a foreign shore, the commanding officer was quoted as saying “The Marines have landed and have the situation in control.”

Unfortunately, our Marine, Mukilteo’s mayor, has landed and the situation is far from “in control.” Now he’s asking us to re-elect him for another four years. If we do, we’ll be sorry.

My decision is based on his handling of the Rosehill Community Center replacement. We were promised the new facility would have the same amenities as the old one and have new and improved features.

Those new features turned out to become the Mukilteo Marriage Chapel. Some of the old items fell by the wayside with little complaint from the City Council.

Our Marine has stated no new taxes would be required to pay for this faculty. The reason is because of monies from Real Estate Excise Taxes (the REET fund). This fund is drying up and soon we’ll have to begin making up for the shortfall by, you guessed it, new taxes.

If you’re wondering how much, just look at the budget for the Marriage Chapel and realize it will cost nearly $1.2 million PER YEAR. The wedding chapel doesn’t take in nearly enough to pay for the expenses.

There are about 20,000 residents here, and if you do the math, it means EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US will be required to pay $600 additionally each year FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS!

Another strike against Joe Marine is his handling of the computer room overheating and his inaction FOR MANY MONTHS until data was lost. After the dust settled and the smoke cleared, we paid more than $40,000 to partially restore the lost data.

The mayor’s statement that we dodged a bullet was foolish and showed he couldn’t accept responsibility for his inaction.

The City Council mostly did and said nothing because they are his lackeys. Kevin Stoltz and Steve Schmalz are the lone dissenters. The rest vote with the mayor and never seriously question his ways or methods. Don’t rely on them to hold him accountable.

If you stay home and don’t vote or, worse, vote for him, you’ll be party to a real tragedy for our future. If he’s in office when the ferry terminal is moved, the waterfront will become a sorry sight and we’ll lose a valuable asset just to fit his plans.

After living here six years and watching Joe Marine’s many mistakes, I’m moving to Arizona soon, so I don’t really have a “dog in this hunt.” I care for this city and the honest hard working people who live here.

Please do your part this fall and elect anyone else but Mukilteo’s Marine disaster.

Ron Clark,


Taking down political signs is illegal

Mukilteo is a small town – 20,600 and some last year – so it's not really surprising to find out just how very small our small-town politics can be.

This fall we're having a shakeup election for city offices. The incumbent mayor has two challengers, a retiring councilmember has two contenders for his seat, and the council president is being challenged.

These positions are very important to the residents of the city; huge decisions are made every two weeks in the Council Chambers that will affect every citizen for years to come.

Given the importance of the job, it's no wonder that candidates and their supporters take the races seriously. People run for office for a number of reasons, ranging from honest desire to improve other citizens' lives to the usual lust for control and power.

It's frequently fairly easy to see what motivates a particular candidate by heeding his words and actions, and those of his supporters.

Ever since the signs of the political challengers started going up, they just as quickly started coming down – stolen, destroyed, stomped upon.

Curiously, while mayoral candidate Steve Schmalz has lost several signs per week since he started putting them up, I know of only one of the mayor's signs to go missing or get damaged once they started going up last week.

I started to see my signs destroyed, taken, or knocked down the very first day they were up. Today alone, both Steve and I lost several signs each.

A suspect has been identified, having been seen taking our signs, in broad daylight, by at least two eyewitnesses.

It's very shocking to discover that that this individual is a blood relative of a high-ranking city official – whose position is not up for re-election. If this person is arrested for vandalism and theft, it will be very embarrassing.

Any governmental unit – from a little town like ours to the huge cities back East and the federal behemoth – depends upon honest and properly motivated citizens to both supply the necessary offices of government, and to carefully choose those same officers and employees.

The system of freedom and citizen participation depends upon people of quality playing by the rules, treating each other with respect, and not cheating, sabotaging, lying, or any of the other hallmarks of a corrupt campaign.

Political sabotage is illegal thuggery. Please join me in condemning those who consider it a legitimate tool. 

Frederick C, Taylor,

City Council candidate,

Position 3

Orthodontist celebrates 10 years

Mukilteo is indeed a fine place to live and raise a family. Like fine red wine, it just gets better with age!

With 38 years of knowing this community, we can speak some to the unique aspects of Mukilteo businesses that heighten our enjoyment of living.

We’ve appreciated years of early morning breakfast at Taylor’s Landing and concurrently witnessed the endless stories and transition of Sam’s Tavern.

Our point is, Mukilteo is rich with an ever-developing business community striving to meet the needs of a growing population with diverse needs.

Our family supports local business and as a net result we’ve been blessed with many long-lasting relationships. These relationships only add to our sense of community bonding and contentment.

One business in particular has caught our interest and appreciation. Created by a savvy independent businesswoman possessing strong values, authentic sincerity and a very big heart – Dr. Jacqueline de Leon-Estes, who owns Harbour Point Orthodonics.

She has been a particular treat to our family! People may refer to us as grandparents, but that’s a mistake! We’re actually parents more than 60 years of age who happen to have teens at Kamiak High School.

As our kids grew older, so did the need for a trusted orthodontist. No doubt, we were blessed to have been directed to Harbour Point Orthodontics.

To us, this office atmosphere is unique! Certainly competent, professional and caring; they leave no stone unturned in their quest for happy patients.

What I find most interesting is their friendly and spirited teamwork, which has transformed themselves into a family, not just employees of a business. We have always found their office a wonderful and uplifting place to visit.

Add to this, Dr. de Leon, of strong character, is involved in her community and understands the importance of giving back where need exists.

Dr. de Leon celebrates her 10th year in Mukilteo – we appreciate her work! More importantly, we congratulate her and her family!

John, Janice, Joe & Savannah Sturgis,

Sturgis Sweets,


The Local Kettle Corn Family

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