Letters for the week of July 2

Jul 03, 2012

Look who’s pointing fingers

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the article "Mayor fires IT manager" [The Beacon, front page, June 27].  I am the former accounting services manager, and I did resign as the mayor claimed, "charging that the underlying issue in the city’s IT department was poor management and poor decision-making, although they weren’t pointing fingers at Varga."

My finger was pointed directly at Finance/IT Director Scott James, City Administrator Joe Hannan, and Mayor Joe Marine, who ignored the warnings from Dave Varga and the former network analyst, and redlined the numerous budget requests from Dave Varga, which I personally saw submitted each budget season.

In my opinion, firing Dave Varga is only their attempt to divert blame and draw attention away from the true issue, which is ineffective leadership in the city – and Dave is the fall guy.

I find their public flogging of Dave Varga appalling.  This is a public reflection of the underlying hostilities and questionable ethics that staff are subjected to, which is the primary reason that I resigned.


Gini Schacker,


Council isn’t a popularity contest

Dear Editor,

Regarding Councilmember Kevin Stolz "not being a team player," personally, I appreciate hearing his views and that he does speak out, and tells it as he sees it [“A year later, Stoltz still not a team player,” The Beacon, Letters, page 4, June 20].

There are too many who just go with the flow, keep everyone in the dark, afraid to speak out for fear that they may not be liked or popular… apathy. Do nothing.

I stepped in to serve as treasurer one time on a local condo board during a serious dry rot situation that was breaking many of the homeowners.  I was asked just to sign the invoices... sign here, Missy.

I wouldn't just sign; I wanted to see the backup prior to signing, next I requested the contract, the plans – what a rat's nest was discovered!  I definitely wasn't popular among a number of people, including the contractor, who personally called me and told me "I was told you are the problem."

I wasn't in it to win a popularity contest... it was my responsibility as treasurer to ensure that the homeowners’ funds and assessments were being spent properly.

I, for one, say, "Keep up the great work, Kevin!"

Lynn McKinney,


Kevin Stoltz is out of line

Dear Editor,

I agree 100 percent with Mr. Gillingham's comments concerning City Councilmember Kevin Stoltz. I could not have said it better.

Mr. Stoltz should not be given a monthly Guest View column since he never has anything positive to say. That column should be rotated between all the councilmembers, but if this is not possible, then the Guest View spot should be given to other community members with something to say that is positive and helpful to the citizens of Mukilteo.

Please, Mr. Stoltz – work WITH the council, not against it.

Chris Salditt,


Join the fight against fireworks

Dear Editor,

I wholly and absolutely support the fire commissioners in their attempt to stop the insanity of unregulated discharge of fireworks [“Fire district commissioners support fireworks ban,” The Beacon, page 2, June 27].

Our shed caught fire a couple of years ago and our poor dog suffers terror and pain from the constant noise that begins long before the legal time for discharge of the fireworks.

The Fourth of July becomes more and more of a war zone. Not to mention the constant drinking and screaming parties with children left to light firecrackers and other fireworks on their own.

I now sit with a hose in my back garden, afraid to go inside until the maniacs are done at early morning. (Even though they are to stop at midnight, no one ever does and the police are so overworked they can't be everywhere.)

It's time to allow the professionals to provide us with a safe and beautiful display to celebrate the birth of our country. PLEASE continue your fight – let 2012 please be the LAST YEAR for fireworks in our built up neighborhoods in unincorporated Snohomish County!

Fred Stephenson,


IB learner honors are questionable

Dear Editor,

I would like further information regarding the IB Learner Profile attributes as cited in the June 20 Mukilteo Beacon [“Middle school honors Students of the Month,” page 5]. Just how were the criteria for the finding of the outstanding student who demonstrated "an understanding the importance of intellectual, physical, and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others" obtained? And how did the non-winners of this award take the news they were losers of this recognition in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade?

How did the May award differ from the June award for "giving thoughtful consideration to their own learning and experience. They are able to assess and understand their strengths and limitation in order to support their learning and personal development"? Criteria used and impact on non-winners in the 6th, 7 and 8th grades again considered.

Past monthly awards for neatness, sense of humor, cultural awareness, and spirit of adventure are less damaging than the awards of May and June for very vulnerable students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades being asked "to assess and understand their strength and limitations in order to support their learning and personal development."

Who is responsible for implementing and funding this program from Switzerland? A better use for these funds would be to provide remedial math classes for high school students.

Barbara Malaska,


Happy Birthday, Beacon!

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to The Beacon for 20 years of excellent reporting in our community!

From day one, January 16, 2009 the Beacon has reported and featured photos of our garden: the Mukilteo Community Garden. This has been a great support for the garden and its mission: to teach people how to grow food and to raise fresh, organic vegetables for our neighbors in need. THANK YOU!

The garden is in its fourth growing season, with the build out almost complete. We have many food bank beds in need of folks to harvest the veggies. We harvest on Saturday and Wednesday mornings, starting about 9 a.m. With a crew of six or more, it only takes an hour. We have fun, we learn and we share recipes!

Go to www.mukilteogarden.org to volunteer and learn more about us.

Thank you Beacon,

Lois Brown,

Mukilteo Community Garden,


2 paws up for the Mukilteo off-leash dog park

Dear Editor,

Thanks to all the volunteers – Dog Park Committee, Grady Excavating, Japanese Gulch Group, Mukilteo Arts Guild, Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce, Himalayan Dog Chew, Snohomish County Willis Tucker Park, Patricia Love, City of Mukilteo, Muddy Paws, Pet Pros, Mukilteo Veterinary Hospital, Back To Health Chiropractic, Kelly Lee – and for all the wonderful donations for making this happen.


Sally Osborn,


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